Good Morning Britain viewers 'switch off' seconds in with complaint about ITV show

Susanna Reid
-Credit: (Image: (Image: ITV))

Fans of Good Morning Britain were quick to air the same grievance just minutes into Monday's episode, with several threatening to "switch off". Even before the programme kicked off, viewers were sharing their opinions on its content.

As the show's hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls previewed what was to come, a number of fans just couldn't stomach the impending football discussion following England's victory on Sunday night.

Taking to social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, one disgruntled viewer remarked: "I don't know if it's me, but I just can't watch GMB when they TRY to talk about football. Susanna 'I should be on football focus' Reid and the rest of them. Awful.If I need my Sports fix, it's either BBC or SKY."

A second frustrated fan expressed: "No worries BBC BREAKFAST it is for me then since it's ME ME ME REID ON WITH ED BALLS," reports the Express.

With an accompanying GIF of someone turning off the telly, another viewer protested: "@edballs and #gmb talking about football! No thanks! " One further voice added: "#GMB Reid and Balls are both babbling nonsense this morning."

Yet another viewer who had had enough chimed in: " We the majority of viewers are sick to death of all the sport on TV, England OK but all this other stuff horse racing, tennis, rugby just put it on ITV2, or 4, where it belongs."

Defending the coverage, a sixth viewer suggested: "You could always turn it off or turn it over."

Nick Dixon, the show's sports reporter, joined Susanna and Ed via video link to discuss England's triumph over Slovakia.

He expressed: "A lot of England fans might have just double-checked that score this morning and are perhaps feeling relieved more than anything, because with 84 seconds to go in that match, it was all over for them.

"It was looking pretty desperate really, I was with England supporters who were shouting Gareth Southgate's name and calling for him to be sacked.

"They were furious and literally within a few minutes, they were shouting his name and calling him a tactical genius.

"He was a hero, arguably if anyone was a hero last night it was Jude Bellingham."