‘Goosebumps’ Scares Up Top 10 Spot in Streaming Rankings

The run-up to Halloween proved to be a good time to release a new version of Goosebumps.

The series based on R.L. Stine’s beloved books broke into the top 10 overall for the week of Oct. 16-22. The show, which streams on both Disney+ and Hulu, racked up 594 million minutes of viewing for its second week of release, marking a rare non-Marvel or Star Wars original series entry for Disney+ in Nielsen’s rankings (being available on two platforms helped, as well).

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Nielsen, incidentally, classified Goosebumps as an acquired show the previous week, apparently because of it being shared across the two platforms, before switching it to the originals column going forward.

The Fall of the House of Usher kept the No. 1 overall spot for the second straight week, growing by 19 percent over its opening to 1.47 billion minutes of viewing. Suits remained strong, recording its 18th straight week above a billion minutes of watch time (1.06 billion) on Netflix and Peacock.

Netflix’s British crime show Bodies was the top series debut for the week, finishing second among original series with 633 million minutes of viewing. Bill Burr’s Old Dads opened at No. 1 among movies, with 728 million minutes of viewing on Netflix. After rising a week earlier, Loki dipped some to 525 million minutes.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for Oct. 16-22 are below.


1. The Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix), 1.47 billion minutes viewed
2. Suits (Netflix/Peacock), 1.06 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 860 million
4. Bluey (Disney+), 840 million
5. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 811 million
6. Old Dads (Netflix), 728 million
7. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 698 million
8. Cocomelon (Netflix), 667 million
9. Bodies (Netflix), 633 million
10. Goosebumps (Disney+/Hulu), 594 million

Original Series

1. The Fall of the House of Usher, 1.47 billion minutes
2. Bodies, 633 million
3. Goosebumps, 594 million
4. Love Is Blind (Netflix), 574 million
5. Loki (Disney+), 525 million
6. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix), 447 million
7. Pact of Silence (Netflix), 444 million
8. Lupin (Netflix), 346 million
9. Virgin River (Netflix), 308 million
10. The Morning Show (Apple TV+), 290 million

Acquired Series

1. Suits, 1.06 billion minutes
2. Grey’s Anatomy, 860 million
3. Bluey, 840 million
4. NCIS, 811 million
5. Gilmore Girls, 698 million
6. Cocomelon, 667 million
7. The Big Bang Theory (Max), 552 million
8. The Simpsons (Disney+), 491 million
9. Friends (Max), 446 million
9 (tie) Shameless (Netflix), 446 million


1. Old Dads, 728 million minutes
2. Elemental (Disney+), 494 million
3. The Burial (Prime Video), 490 million
4. Haunted Mansion (Disney+), 413 million
5. Long Shot (Netflix/Prime Video), 382 million
6. No Hard Feelings (Netflix), 313 million
7. Tammy (Netflix), 259 million
8. The Devil on Trial (Netflix), 254 million
9. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney+), 239 million
10. Reptile (Netflix), 230 million

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