Gossip Girl Team Are Behind US Misfits Remake

Hit E4 show Misfits is set for a Stateside makeover - with the team behind Gossip Girl heading up the adaptation.

Channel 4

Like its British counterpart, the American Misfits will be deviant young adults who develop superhuman powers.

While not much is known about the remake, which was announced last night, one thing we can tell you is that the US gang will get their powers after being exposed to a mysterious chemical, rather than a spooky storm.

There isn’t any word yet on who will be cast or if the US version will even feature the same characters.

The UK version of the show was a huge hit for E4 and ran for five series between 2009 and 2013.

Channel 4

America hasn’t always had the best of luck when it’s remade some of the UK’s biggest shows. A 2012 adaptation of The Inbetweeners was axed after just one series, while a 2007 remake of The I.T Crowd was canned before it even hit screens.

In fact, The Office - An American Workplace - is pretty much the only US revamp that has actually worked out.