'You Got a Bite Mate': Aussie Hooks Tasty Catch in Queensland Floodwaters

As severe floods and monsoon weather continued to ravage North Queensland, on January 31, some Aussies took the opportunity to make light of the dire situation.

In Bluewater, Townsville, one man decided a flooded roadside would make for good ‘fishing’ and, rod-in-hand, cast his reel into the floodwater to try his luck as his mate cheered.

While there were no fish biting, it turned out the Aussie larrikin scored quite the catch, as seen in this video uploaded to Instagram by Bluewater resident Zhanshada Pekepo.

“Oi you got a bite mate, you got a bite! He’s on, he’s on!” the man’s friend can be heard saying in the video.

The camera then reveals the fisherman’s lucky score – a can of beer filled with floodwater which his mate then drinks.

“What a catch,” the friend adds.

“The rain was no joke here in Bluewater. But as neighbors, we all pull together and help as much as we can. Also having a bit of fun,” Pekepo said.

These men weren’t the only ones keeping spirits high during the disastrous floods, which destroyed homes, left residents stranded, cut off roads and caused schools to close.

A Bluewater resident gave a comical tour of his damaged home. In the video, he jokes about scoring free items that floated onto his property and rejoices at the fact that he managed to “save the beer”. Credit: @zhanshada via Storyful