Grateful KFC customer rewards worker's exceptional service with adorable note

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A KFC customer claims he was 'chased' out of the eatery after a staff member went the extra mile.

Kirk Johnstone popped into a branch of KFC and praised one employee, Lynne, for her consistent customer service, even when dealing with challenging customers. Impressed by her commitment, Kirk decided to leave a note for the hardworking staff member.

His kind gesture sparked hundreds of comments praising Lynne, with many other fast food enthusiasts sharing their positive experiences of being served by her. Both former employees and regulars at KFC joined in.

Taking to Facebook, Kirk penned: "If you have ever been in [this branch of] KFC then you will have seen this lady, Lynn . I've been here a few times and always noticed how she puts up with people's rudeness, cleans up after them and never stops."

KFC customer leaves worker kind note after act of kindness
Lynne's work did not go unnoticed -Credit:Kirk Johnstone / Facebook

"While doing the work of two people keeping the front of store immaculate, she had her young coworkers shouting her name across the store to have her also run food out to waiting cars. I heard one of the staff ask her if she'd found a phone as a customer had called to say they'd lost one."

"She said 'no' and that could of been the end of it, but I sat in amazement as she then went right through every bin in the store, searching right to the bottom."

A supporter believes that Lynne, despite her hard work, might not be getting paid enough. He attached a £20 note to a handwritten appreciation note among the rubbish at the store which read: "Hi Lynne. I see the hard work you do. You are appreciated. Keep going."

People flooded Facebook with messages praising Lynne's dedication elating their own interactions with her. One user said: "I worked with Lynne in my first job and she mothered us all. She's such a lovely lady. What a lovely thing to do."

Another chimed in with: "It was the same when she worked in Burger King, she has a heart of gold. She is being taken advantage of there."

A KFC spokesperson said: "Our team members are the heart and soul of every coop up and down the country – and our Cheshire Oaks restaurant is no different. Lynne is one of our best roosters, having made a huge impact not just at KFC, but to all our fans in the local area thanks to her outstanding work ethic, compassion and determination. We couldn’t be prouder to have Lynne on our team."