The gratest! Death-defying competitors battle to become Cheese Rolling champion 2018

A British soldier was named the ‘gratest’ athlete in the world at the weekend after his record-breaking 21st win – at a cheese rolling competition.

Legendary cheese-chaser Chris Anderson, 30, has hurled himself into the record books for chasing a wheel of Double Gloucester down a super-steep hill – in an annual tradition that is regularly dubbed ‘Britain’s barmiest race.’

Thousands gathered to watch one of wackiest sporting events, where runners risk life and limb to chase a heavy cheese that goes hurtling down a steep hill at break-neck speeds.

Chris, who was just 17 when he won his first event, came first in one of the five races at Cooper’s Hill at Brockworth, Glos., yesterday, during the annual bank holiday tradition.

As each hand-made, 1ft wide wheel weighs 9lbs, Chris has taken home an impressive 189lbs of Double Gloucester over the years – enough for more than 3000 cheese sandwiches.

Thousands gather every year for the barmy tradition – which sees runners hit speeds of up to 70mph as they hurtle down the 200yd hill.

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The world-famous Cheese Rolling features five different races – three for men, one for women and a safer uphill chase for children.

Injuries in the past have included broken arms, legs and even backs.

The last official cheese rolling was held in 2009 following health and safety fears.

But the event is returned unofficially ever year since – without proper medical cover or insurance.