'The Great British Bake Off' returns: Find out who crumbled in Biscuit Week

Katie Archer
(Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off is back, and the first week took the biscuit with triumphs, disasters and the first evictee.

Viewers were delighted to see their favourite show back on TV.

Who went out and who won Star Baker?

Northern Irish baker Imelda was the first contestant for the chop, while Manon’s precise French style saw her rise to the top as star baker.

Imelda is the first contestant out (Channel 4)

It was Biscuit week!

Up first as the opening week category was biscuits, a departure from the usual  Bake Off format which we’re used to seeing starting with cake week.

The 12 contestants had to make a type of biscuit that would reflect the region they are from, and included shortbreads, masala chai, lemon, and fennel flavourings.

Antony, Kim-Joy and Manon were off to a strong start, although Dan, Jon, Ruby and Rahul had room for improvement.

Terry had a tough second round (Channel 4)

Terry had something of a shocker in the first task with an unfinished batch that did not impress.

Karen achieved that greatest of  Bake Off feats, finishing a task early – but when she cracked open a box of snacks she’d brought with her, it divided viewer opinion.

Wagons rolling

Next, the bakers were given their first technical challenge – making Wagon Wheels with only the most basic of instructions.

Ruby triumphed with the best biscuits, but Rahul and Manon struggled to get the brief right.

Selfie time

The showstopper challenge threw the bakers in at the deep end, tasking them with creating a biscuit selfie.

Ruby went for a picture of herself finishing the London Marathon, but found it tricky to finish her bake in time.

Ruby created a biscuit selfie of her running (Channel 4)

Terry pulled it back round with an Impressionist-style 3D biscuit selfie, and Briony’s self-portrait was also a hit.

In the end, Imelda made just too many mistakes to stay in the competition, but Manon marked herself out as an early contender by winning star baker.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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