Great White Shark Hassles Fishermen on Victorian Coast

A great white shark was filmed circling a fishing boat and biting on the motor in Portland, Victoria, on January 26.

Video filmed by Peter Galea shows the shark persistently swimming around a boat and crunching down on its exterior.

Galea, who says he has enjoyed fishing as a hobby for sixty years, says he’s never experienced such a close encounter with a great white shark. Galea told Storyful that the shark was swimming close to the boat for about an hour and a half and would bite then shake the motor with its mouth.

“I’ve enjoyed fishing all of my life. I do a fair bit of deep sea fishing and river and lake fishing but never experienced this sort of thing with a great white. First time I’ve ever seen a great white in real life,” said Galea. “It was frightening but very exciting,” he added. Credit: Peter Galea via Storyful

Video transcript


- There he us by the back. Look, look, look.

- Great white. He once had a motor. Look at the size of him. Hey, John, we need a bigger boat.


- Hey? We do mate, we do. He's around, here he is. Look, here he is.

Look at how big he is on the Santa Jay. He's just over there. We've got a great white around our boat. Here he is. There he is, look. There he is, look, look, he's out of the water. There he is.

Give me the gun. Hit him in the head. Where is he? All right, move Joe.

- But why is he hitting the boat?

- Because-- bring your burley up. Look at him.

- I got to get burley up.

- Bring the burley up. Yeah, here you go Joe. Grab the burley. Joe, grab the burley. That's it, put it in. Madona, oh, look at him. Here it comes for the [MUTED] motor again.

Hey, [MUTED] off. Fuck off.

- Why'd you send him from here to bite the back of your motor.

- Yeah, you see him?

- Yeah, from here. You saw him.

- Yep, hey, hey, [MUTED] the boat, he's lifting the boat.