Grenfell Tower could be covered with giant tarpaulin to shield it from view of local residents

Nick Reilly
The shell of Grenfell Tower could be covered in tarpaulin (Rex)

Plans to reportedly cover the charred shell of Grenfell Tower in a tarpaulin to shield it from the view of local residents are being considered by the government.

In a statement, the Grenfell Response Team (GRT) confirmed that it would consider the possibility of covering up the tower after the local community claimed it acted as a daily reminder of the tragic events that occurred last month.

‘Views from local residents are being considered on the viability of covering the Grenfell Tower in tarpaulin. Any final decision will need to consider its impact on the critical recovery operation being undertaken by the Metropolitan Police Service and London Fire Brigade’, a statement confirmed.

Fire ripped through the tower block in Kensington, west London, on June 14 (Rex)

However, Hilary Patel, the GRT community engagement lead, has claimed that the building is unlikely to be covered until October, when the recovery operation reaches its end.

Residents have also been told that covering the 24-storey block could effect the humidity inside, further hampering the efforts of investigating teams.

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Scaffolding is also not believed to be an option, as it would need to be attached to the middle of the building, which  interferes with recovery efforts.

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower are continuing to clash with Kensington council representatives – who have expressed their anger and frustration at the lack of arrests in connection with the tragedy.

At a recent public meeting, local residents were heard to shout ‘this is state terrorism’, while one man was heard to say: ‘You murdered our friends, you murdered our neighbours.’