Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes teases show’s future

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Grey’s Anatomy boss teases the show's futureEric McCandless - ABC

Grey’s Anatomy fans may have been concerned about the show's prognosis after lead star Ellen Pompeo’s exit, but it seems the long-running series still has a lot of life left in it.

As the hit ABC show is airs its 19th season, creator Shonda Rhimes has teased that the medical drama will be back for at least one more season.

In an interview with E! News, Rhimes revealed that the story is nowhere near finished and could go on for several years if the ratings continue.

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She said: "I might be a very old lady by the time we reach it's last season because it doesn't seem to be stopping, which is wonderful and I feel the world really belongs to the fans and the fans have been really clear about what they want."

The Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte creator went onto reflect on the secret to the show's longevity, and suggested that the reason it still resonates with fans is that Grey's constantly evolves.

"It's such an amazing show and it's doing so well as it's moving forward," Rhimes continued. "I'm going to leave it alone and see where it goes, and we're going to stay a show as long as everybody wants to be there and as long as the fans want to be there."

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Rhimes also touched on her somewhat underwhelming and open-ended goodbye to Meredith Grey, which saw Pompeo - the longest-running cast member - leave the show after 18 years.

She explained: "It was a little of a heart-breaking moment, but it was also a moment—for me—that she's not gone because she's coming back.

"I don't think of her as gone from the show, she's still doing the voiceovers, she's still there."

Grey's Anatomy season 19 airs on Thursdays on ABC in the US. The show streams on Disney+ in the UK, where new episodes premiere on Wednesdays.

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