Guillermo del Toro reveals scrapped Star Wars movie

guillermo del toro
Guillermo del Toro talks scrapped Star Wars moviMatt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has confirmed that he was indeed attached to direct a Star Wars Movie but that the project was scrapped "many moons ago."

Recently, screenwriter David S. Goyer, who is best known for his work on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy as well as Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, revealed that he had written a screenplay for a Star Wars flick with del Toro attached to direct.

"There was just a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on at Lucasfilm at the time. But it's a cool script," Goyer said. Now, del Toro himself has taken to social media and confirmed this to be true.

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"True. Can't say much. Maybe two letters "J" and "BB" is that three letters?" del Toro wrote before adding: "BTW This is MANY, MANY moons ago... about 6 years or so..."

This is just one of many "almost" scenarios that played out in the making of Star Wars films. Previously, David Lynch turned down the chance to direct Return of the Jedi while Colin Trevorrow was originally supposed to helm episode nine of Disney's sequel trilogy.

Meanwhile, Taika Waititi's Star Wars film, which has been in the works for some time now, is reportedly still in development.

guillermo del toro
Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

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Earlier this year, Waititi explained: "I've got a really good idea for it. It's just as with all films, it's this middle part. You're like: 'What's going to happen?' And then you look at all of those films that are so great, you're like: 'Well, I guess they can't meet some smuggler with an alien sidekick'."

For now, Star Wars fans will have to content themselves with the currently airing Disney+ series Ahsoka, which has been greeted with positive reviews.

This follows the rapturous reception that Andor received, giving fans hope that the name of Star Wars has been rejuvenated. Fans will hope that continues with the upcoming trilogy of Star Wars movies.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the entire Skywalker Saga are available on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K now, as well as on Disney+.

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