Gunther's Millions star dog buys Nicolas Cage's private island

Gunther's Millions features the wealthy German Shepherd. (Netflix)
Gunther's Millions features the wealthy German Shepherd. (Netflix)

Gunther the VI, a German Shepherd who inherited nearly half a billion dollars, has had Netflix viewers hooked on his lavish lifestyle in Gunther's Millions - and now the dog has bought Nicolas Cage's private island.

Netflix's recently released documentary told how Gunther inherited his millions as the sole beneficiary of one of Europe's leading pharmaceutical giants responsible for an osteoporosis medication, and was originally owned by a German Countess.

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After her death, Gunther was left in the care of Italian tycoon Maurizio Mian, a family friend, and the documentary followed the story of the dog's riches being spent on super yachts, sports cars and celebrity mansions as he amassed adoring fans.

Gunther with Maurizio Mian. (Netflix)
Gunther with Maurizio Mian. (Netflix)

Now, Gunther has apparently added to his portfolio with the 15-acre private Leaf Cay island in The Bahamas, formerly owned by Hollywood star Nicolas Cage.

But Gunther and Mian are not planning on simply using Leaf Cay as a party island - it will be The Gunther Corporation's newest venue for its plan to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, pursuing animal welfare initiatives, and diversifying Gunther's assets.

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Their research into happiness has now spanned three decades, and was featured in Gunther's Millions.

Pampered Gunther enjoys lavish dinners. (Netflix)
Pampered Gunther enjoys lavish dinners. (Netflix)

It is not the first time Gunther has snapped up an asset from a celebrity - viewers of the documentary will know that one of the first things that lead to the dog's fame was when his riches were used to buy Madonna's Miami Beach mansion.

The documentary also tells the story of the bad advisors Mian had been surrounded by at some points in managing Gunther's wealth, a huge tax avoidance scheme, and Mian's efforts to get The Gunther Corporation on the right track again.

Filmmaker Aurelien Leturgie said: "Maurizio has been approached by many producers over the years, but I think they all wanted to do a fluffy piece on the wealth of the dog. We knew there was something else, and we wanted to be honest with them and say, Listen, we want you to tell the story in full."

Gunther's Millions is currently streaming on Netflix.