Gwyneth Paltrow recalls feeling 'lonely' during Chris Martin marriage

Gwyneth Paltrow felt "very lonely" towards the end of her marriage to Chris Martin.

The actress/entrepreneur was married to the Coldplay frontman, the father of her two children, from 2003 until they famously decided to "consciously uncouple" in 2014.

Reflecting on the divorce during a recent interview for the Call Her Daddy podcast, Gwyneth admitted she knew the relationship was over for several years before she and Chris made the call to part ways.

"I just felt like it was such a failure and even contemplating us not being together. I was so worried about it for the kids and for what it said about me. It was so hard. I really wanted something so different to what he wanted and I felt very lonely in the marriage in a lot of ways," she said. "I finally got to the point where I felt, you know, I need to listen to myself. It wasn't until I turned 38 that I started to sense that the marriage wasn't going to last and then I tried really hard for another couple of years."

Gwyneth went on to note that everything began to fall into place in the lead-up to her turning 40 - and she believes it is the same for many women.

"I say this all the time because it's true. You get this software upgrade when you turn 40. You wake up and your software is f**king upgraded. And you're like, 'Wow, this is bizarre. I don't care what anybody thinks of me, I like myself.' You click into this thing... it happens again when you're 50 by the way... and you feel whole," the Goop founder continued. "I just realised I need to not be in this. I need something else. It's OK if I'm alone, it's OK if I disappoint people. It's OK if I never find anyone again. I chose myself."

Gwyneth, 50, is now wed to TV producer Brad Falchuk.