I had a drink in the historic Hull pub stars have flocked to for decades

It makes sense being just a stone's throw away from the towering Hull New Theatre that those performing on the grand stage would swing by here for a post-show celebratory pint.

Sitting innocently on the corner of Worship and Jarratt Street is Old English Gentleman - a quintessentially British pub. With over 200 years of history within the four walls, many people throughout the time of Hull's New (and old) theatre have swung by.

I had a drink in the Old English Gentleman to see what it was like.

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The corner doors were wide open. Although it was probably to let a breeze into the pub given that it was quite a humid afternoon, it made the place look welcoming to people passing by the street.

The interior paint job matched the exterior - a dark blue that bordered on black. The inside was lit up by corner and overhead lamps, and it gave it an almost 1940s speakeasy vibe. As I grabbed my Guinness, it became apparent just how many people have swung by this pub.

Each wall across the three rooms was full with black and white headshots of star visitors from multiple decades. One of the most famous examples is Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy of the double act Laurel and Hardy. Their headshots were framed and signed, along with a promotion for when they visited in 1947 - later returning in 1954 as part of their final tour of the UK. I found it rather amusing that two of the biggest names in the history of comedy were placed next to Barry from Eastenders and Will Young.

All I felt that was missing was someone in the corner reading a book or The Racing Post to feel like I was travelling back in time. The music is what I would describe as 'dad' music, with plenty of Elton John, Bee Gees and Baker Street thrown into the mix that only added to that feeling.

Wandering around the photos, many of them were signed and carried personal messages to who I can only imagine to be landlords who have acted as custodians of this historic spot over the years. I recognised a few faces, such as Barbara Windsor and Sylvester McCoy. As someone who grew up glued to Doctor Who, it's quite cool knowing I've had a pint in the same spot as a Doctor (to me anyway).

To make the most of the warm weather, I took a seat outside. It's rather fitting that the pub is positioned with the Hull History Centre next to it, and more obviously having the Theatre tower over the old fire station. Though it was time to head off, it was a pleasure to get lost in time.