‘I had a mini breakdown’: The best social media reactions from Barbie’s opening weekend

‘I had a mini breakdown’: The best social media reactions from Barbie’s opening weekend

Helped by a ubiquitous advertising campaign and a miserable weekend of weather – especially in London – Barbie was a smash on its opening weekend in the worldwide box office.

Having had its European premiere in the capital, the film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – as Barbie and Ken – is now being shown nose to tail in cinemas. And the early signs are that fans are flocking to it.

Greta Gerwig made history with the $155 million made in North America, the biggest ever opening weekend for a female director. The UK figures have not yet been released but are likely to tell a similar story.

Barbie was pitted against Christopher Nolan’s gritty opus Oppenheimer for their opening weekend for a box office battle known as #Barbenheimer. The two contrasting film reportedly inspired droves to visit their multiplex – with some, including the Standard’s Tom Davidson, brave enough to try both in one day.

As the Standard reported, it is the first time that one movie opened to more than 100 million dollars (£78 million) and another movie opened to more than 80 million dollars in the same weekend.

London was awash with people dressed in pink as film fans got in the mood, and even shops such as Selfridges took to the spirit.

And fans have been loving the film – which critics have also been handing out praise for – our own Charlotte O’Sullivan giving it the full five stars.

Here are some of the best reactions to Barbiemania on social media.

Barbie watches Barbie

The official account of the doll posted a clip of two Barbie dolls watching the film as an emotionally available Ken sobs alongside.

Barbie ‘vote’ eases the pain

After seeing his government lose two by-elections, Rishi Sunak took his mind off politics by taking his family to the cinema. Whether or not the prime minister would have preferred to have seen Oppenheimer, he went with the majority opinion of his wife and two young daughters as they dressed up in pink for the occasion.

“The family vote was only ever going one way…” he tweeted.

Black versus pink? There is only one winner

The Barbie versus Oppenheimer battle pitted black against pink, which left the group Blackpink in the middle. But the girlband’s rapper Lisa was on team Barbie.

University of Ken?

As Ryan Gosling kept saying in interviews, Ken’s world is “just the beach” but perhaps in a spin-off film, Barbie’s accessory/boyfriend could go to university.

If he did decide to further his education – he could do worse than attending Canterbury’s University of Kent or is that University of Ken?

Tears for a final scene

Some cinema-goers have been struggling to keep a dry eye throughout the film.

DaniAL tweeted: “How it feels like to be crying at the ending of Barbie and be hit with that closing line and credit scene”.

And Kenzie XCX also had a moment watching the film.

She tweeted: “I cried so much watching #BarbieTheMovie never has a studio film so expertly explored the burden women carry in everyday life (in any role in their lives!) as a mother, a working woman, a woman (!!) i had a mini breakdown. this barbie is sad but so thankful for this film.”