Hailey Bieber’s secret for better skin is as simple as a dip in the ocean

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Ever wondered why Hailey Bieber’s skin is so good? It turns out the secret is a trip to the beach (or probably a chartered yacht if you’re Hailey).

While vacationing, the model recently took to her Instagram stories to drop a little skincare knowledge. “My skin is always the best when I’ve spent time in the ocean,” Hailey wrote, sharing some of the benefits of sea saltwater in her stories that followed.

In addition to ocean water being an exfoliant, Hailey noted some of the beneficial minerals found in sea salt water like magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are said to absorb toxins in addition to being antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

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“Sometimes nature is the ultimate beauty hack,” Hailey concluded. And while a few minutes swimming in the ocean may have improved her glow, the 23-year-old has become a bit of a skincare buff over the years.

In May, Hailey walked fans through a pampering skincare routine for acne-prone skin types using her husband, Justin Bieber, as her model.

And earlier this year, Hailey sat down for a chat about finding an effective skincare routine with Dr. Barbara Sturm, a German-based specialist in aesthetic medicine and molecular cosmetics. (Hailey has previously shared that she uses Dr. Sturm’s $950 MC1 cream, that is made after drawing blood from the patient to remove their plasma which is then incorporated into the moisturizer).

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During the hour-long conversation, Hailey shared that while she admits genetics plays a major role in the health of her skin, she is diligent about her skincare routine - which includes thoroughly removing her makeup each night and getting enough sleep.

“I have found that when I’m not getting enough sleep - if I’m working a lot or I was traveling a lot and my sleep schedule was off - that’s when I start to see my skin get broken out a little bit or really dry,” she said on the YouTube live chat.

When it comes to products, Hailey, who is the spokesmodel for bareMinerals cosmetics, sticks to a cleanser, serum and moisturizer at night - occasionally adding in a spot treatment if she has any breakouts.

When she’s unable to exfoliate her skin with a dip in the ocean, Hailey noted that she’s not big on exfoliating products, as she finds that they strip the skin.

But Dr. Sturm recommended using an enzyme cleanser up to three times each week if your skin is oily or acne-prone for the gentlest exfoliation possible. Using an enzyme cleanser is important in removing “dead skin cells because this is what oxidates with the sebum and causes blackheads and whiteheads,” Dr. Sturm explained, adding, “And it’s a big step to minimize the pore size.”

Hailey did note that her skin isn’t always perfect, as she shared she has perioral dermatitis, which is an inflammatory rash that most commonly occurs around the mouth. “Sometimes it’s not really anything you’re doing and it’s not your fault - it’s not the products you’re using,” Hailey explained of skin conditions or concerns that are best treated by a visit to the dermatologist.

There you have it, the secret to Hailey’s flawless skin - sort of. Now, if only there was a simple hack for getting our hands on Hailey’s wardrobe.

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