'Is the Hair Appointment So You Can Look Good in the Casket?' Nurse Warns People Against Visiting Reopened Businesses

A nurse in League City, Texas, near Houston, warned people about visiting reopened businesses like hair salons while the coronavirus pandemic was ongoing, a video posted April 24 shows.

Shanetra Hodge-Hill, a nurse anesthetist at University of Texas Medical Branch, recorded the video with her twin sister and colleague ahead of businesses reopening in states like Georgia and Oklahoma.

“Quick question – is the hair appointment so you can look good while you’re in the casket, or is the hair appointment so you can look good when you show up to someone else’s funeral that you gave COVID-19 to?” Hodge-Hill says in the footage.

Several businesses in Georgia that were shuttered due to COVID-19 restrictions reopened their doors to the public on April 24.

Personal-care businesses were allowed to reopen in Oklahoma on the same day.

A protest against Texas’s COVID-19 lockdown was staged in Austin on April 18. As of April 24, the state has reported 20,196 cases of the coronavirus and 517 deaths. Credit: Shanetra Hodge-Hill via Storyful

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