Half of Leave voters want to bring back the death penalty after Brexit

A new poll released just in time for Brexit Day has shown that half of Leave voters want the death penalty brought back.

As Article 50 is triggered, signifying the start of two years of negotiations before Britain’s exit from the EU, those who voted for it have signalled how else they want the country to change.

The YouGov survey showed that 53% of those who voted for Brexit want the death penalty brought back once the UK is officially out of the European Union.

This compares to 20% of Remain voters who want capital punishment reinstated in 2019.

Leave voters also want a return of one or two other long-gone institutions.

A return to corporal punishment in schools is supported by 42%, while 52% want dark blue passports to replace the current maroon ones that show we are part of the EU.

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However, Leave voters are happy with health issues, with just 11% wanting to see smoking in pubs and restaurants made legal again.

This figure is still around four times higher than the wishes of Remain voters (3%).

The YouGov survey also showed that 69% of people want Brexit to go ahead – whether they voted for it or not.

Just 21% of all voters want to see the referendum reversed or overturned.

The poll also showed that 27% of voters want a second referendum on the terms of the deal once it is finalised.

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