New Hampshire Police Rescue Mom and 12 Ducklings From Parking Lot

Police in Salem, New Hampshire, were called to the rescue after a mother bird and her brood of 12 ducked out to a shopping center parking lot on May 1.

Footage shows Salem NH Police Department officers Robeck and Lawrence and Detective Geha releasing a mother duck and her 12 ducklings to a pond after relocating them from the Market Basket parking lot in Salem.

As the birds scoot toward the pond, an officer says: “Happy mama, happy babies. Ladies and gentlemen, community services.”

Social media users praised the department’s rescue efforts though several commented that a mother duck and her ducklings were spotted back at the Market Basket parking lot after the rescue. Credit: Salem NH Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Go on. Come on. You're fine now. Go. There you go.


- Well done, boys. Happy mama, happy babies.


Ladies and gentlemen, Community Services.

- There's nobody in there, right?

- Nope, we're good.

- We're good?

- I think we all made mom dizzy, that's why it took time to get out.


- Another Salem PD success story, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, Community Services.

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