A Handy Guide to the Cameos and Guests in ‘The Bear’ Season 3

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A Handy Guide to the Cameos in The Bear S3Courtesy of FX

Spoilers below.

The Bear is back and serving another wide array of guest stars. Although we don’t get a star-studded and anxiety-inducing Christmas episode full of surprise appearances, there are still many cameos in store, both from the screen and the culinary world. Titans of the restaurant industry and buzzy rising chefs appear alongside stars like Olivia Colman and Jaime Lee Curtis. And some guest appearances are more subtle, in the form of a photo or in the background of a scene, but they’re enough to make you do a double take.

Without further ado, here are the familiar faces you might notice in The Bear season 3.

Will Poulter as Luca

You know him from: season 2 of The Bear, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Dopesick, The Chronicles of Narnia, and We’re the Millers.

He plays: Chef Luca, Carmy’s former colleague at Ever who also trains Marcus in Copenhagen.

the bear
Chuck Hodes

René Redzepi

You know him from: Being the chef and co-owner of Noma.

He plays: Himself. Flashbacks even show Carmy’s time working at the Copenhagen restaurant.

chef rene redzepi book event
Cindy Ord - Getty Images

Daniel Boulud

You know him from: His restaurants including Daniel, Bar Boulud, Le Gratin, and more.

He plays: Himself. In one flashback, he trains Carmy and tells him to listen to “the music”—the sound of food cooking in the pan.

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Thomas Keller

You know him from: His many acclaimed restaurants, including The French Laundry in Napa and Per Se in New York.

He plays: Himself. He appears in flashbacks, teaching Carmy how to roast a chicken in his early days.

starwood preferred guest hosts gourmet experience of a lifetime with chef thomas keller at per se for luck spg members, courtesy of spg moments
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Molly Gordon as Claire

You know her from: Theater Camp, The Bear season 2, Booksmart, and Shiva Baby.

She plays: Claire, who became Carmy’s girlfriend in season 2. Though they grew up together and have a lot of history, things ended badly in the season 2 finale when he called their relationship a total waste of time. In season 3, she mostly appears in flashbacks.

the bear— “pop” — season 2, episode 5 airs thursday, june 22nd pictured molly gordon as claire cr chuck hodesfx
Chuck Hodes

Josh Hartnett as Frank

You know him from: Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Oppenheimer, and being an all-around ’90s and ’00s heartthrob.

He plays: Frank, the new fiancé of Richie’s ex-wife Tiffany.

Adam Shapiro as Chef Adam Shapiro

You know him from: Steve Jobs, Never Have I Ever, Mank, and She Said.

He plays: A chef from Chicago’s esteemed Ever restaurant, who tries to poach Sydney when he sets out to start his own establishment.

the bear season 3 premiere red carpet
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John Cena as Sammy Fak

You know him from: Peacemaker, The Suicide Squad, WWE, the Fast & Furious franchise.

He plays: Sammy, Neil, and Ted Fak’s brother.

Brian Koppelman as Computer

You know him from: creating and producing Billions and writing Ocean’s Thirteen, Rounders, and Solitary Man.

He plays: Nicholas “Computer” Marshall, one of Cicero’s friends who literally computes where the restaurant is overspending.

David Zayas as David

You know him from: Dexter, The Expendables, and Skyline.

He plays: Tina’s husband, David, and he’s also actress Liza Colón-Zayas’ husband in real life!

the bear
Courtesy of FX

Paul Rudd, also kind of

You know him from: He’s Paul Rudd!!

He plays: Well, we don’t know the nature of his character. He doesn’t physically appear onscreen, but a photo of him appeared in season 2, and a cardboard cutout of him appears in season 3. Will we finally get Rudd in the flesh in season 4?

Bradley Cooper in his Burnt role

You know him from: Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover movies, A Star Is Born, Maestro, and Burnt.

He plays: Chef Adam Jones in the 2015 movie Burnt. He also doesn’t physically appear onscreen, but a photo from the movie appears in a photo display of Ever’s history. Does it mean that Burnt exists in the Bear universe?

Robert Townsend as Emmanuel Adamu

You know him from: The Parent ’Hood, Hollywood Shuffle, and The Bear season 2. He also directed films like Hollywood Shuffle, Eddie Murphy: Raw, and Meteor Man.

He plays: Sydney’s father, Emmanuel, whom she lives with, though she moves out for her own place. He’s looking out for her and is wary of the flimsy nature of the partnership agreement.

the bear
Courtesy of FX

Jon Bernthal as Mikey Berzatto

You know him from: The Punisher, Daredevil, King Richard, We Own This City, and The Walking Dead.

He plays: Carmy and Natalie’s late older brother, Mikey, and founder of The Original Beef of Chicagoland. He already appeared in seasons 1 and 2 in flashbacks, and continues to in season 3, especially when he and Tina first met.

the bear
Chuck Hodes

Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna Berzatto

You know her from: Halloween, True Lies, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Freaky Friday.

She plays: Carmy, Natalie, and Mikey’s mother, Donna. This season, she appears most prominently in episode 8, when she accompanies Natalie to the hospital to give birth. Though it’s tense at first, they heal their relationship. It’s quite a departure from last season’s Christmas episode.

the bear
Chuck Hodes

John Mulaney as Stevie

You know him from: His stand-up specials (like New in Town, The Comeback Kid, and Baby J), Big Mouth, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

He plays: The partner of Berzatto cousin Michelle (Sarah Paulson). Though she doesn’t appear in this season, Stevie does in flashbacks of Carmy’s time in New York, crashing on their couch.

the bear
Chuck Hodes

Gillian Jacobs as Tiffany

You know her from: Community, Love, and Girls.

She plays: Tiffany, Richie’s ex and the mother of his daughter. She’s currently engaged to Frank.

the bear
Chuck Hodes

Olivia Colman as Chef Andrea Terry

You know her from: The Favourite, The Lost Daughter, The Crown, and Fleabag.

She plays: Andrea Terry, the head chef at Chicago’s fine dining Ever restaurant, which is referred to in The Bear as the “best restaurant in the world.” In season 2, she and Richie bonded when he spent a week staging there. In season 3, she decides to close her restaurant, and there are more flashbacks of her and Carmy together.

the bear
Courtesy of FX

Joel McHale as Carmy’s old boss

You know him from: Community and The Soup.

He plays: An unnamed chef and Carmy’s former boss. He’s already appeared in the first two seasons of The Bear, mostly in flashbacks to Carmy’s days at 11 Madison Park and his come-up in the restaurant world. He and Carmy finally reunite face-to-face at the final Ever dinner.

Grant Achatz

You know him from: He’s the chef and co-owner of Alinea, Next, Roister, The Aviary, and The Office.

He plays: himself

chef grant achatz presents 'alinea madrid' restaurant
Juan Naharro Gimenez - Getty Images

Christina Tosi

You know her from: Milk Bar, which she founded and co-owns. She’s also appeared in shows like MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.

She plays: herself

milk bar and the original donut shop coffee release limited time only 'cup o' cookie' with baking and tasting class
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Genie Kwon

You know her from: Kasama, Chicago’s Michelin-starred Filipino restaurant. She and Timothy Flores are the chefs behind the place.

She plays: herself

2024 james beard restaurant and chef awards
Timothy Flores (left) and Genie Kwon (right).Daniel Boczarski - Getty Images

Kevin Boehm

You know him from: Boka Restaurant Group, of which he is the co-CEO and co-founder.

He plays: himself

food network cooking channel new york city wine food festival presented by capital one beverage media presents southern glazer's wine spirits trade tasting hosted by wine spectator
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Wylie Dufresne

You know him from: His NYC restaurants wd~50, Du’s Donuts, and Stretch Pizza.

He plays: himself

chef wylie dufresne donut giveaway
Jesse Grant - Getty Images

Will Guidara

You know him from: He’s the former co-owner of New York’s Eleven Madison Park. He’s also a co-producer on The Bear and author of Unreasonable Hospitality.

He plays: himself

restaurateur and siriusxm host will guidara tapes his siriusxm show, first date with will guidara, featuring los angeles times food critic jonathan gold
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Malcolm Livingston II

You know him from: Noma, where he was the former pastry chef. Now he’s heading August Novelties, a dairy-free ice cream company.

He plays: himself

premiere for fx's the bear season 3 arrivals
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Anna Posey

You know her from: Elske, the Chicago restaurant where she’s the executive pastry chef.

She plays: herself

2024 james beard restaurant and chef awards
Jeff Schear - Getty Images

Rosio Sanchez

You know her from: Sanchez restaurant and Hija De Sanchez in Copenhagen. She’s also a former pastry chef at Noma.

She plays: herself

the world restaurant awards at palais brongniart, paris
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