What happened on Love Island last night? Episode five recap as new guys Connagh and Finn take the girls on a date

Tobi Akingbade, Emma Clarke

Love Island is back on our screens for the first-ever winter edition - and the drama is already hotting up.

Yesterday's episode was no different, as new bombshell contestants Connagh Howard and Finley Tapp made their way into the villa and chose two ladies each to go on a date with.

There was also a shock announcement that the first dumping of the season is coming.

If you didn't manage to catch the action, here's the lowdown on episode five...​

What happened on Love Island last night?

  • New arrivals Connagh and Finley were told to pick two women each to share romantic vineyard dates with.
  • Sophie was asked to join "Anthony Joshua lookalike" Connagh (much to OG Connor's annoyance), while Finn asked Bristolian Siânnise to accompany him.
  • Next to go on a date with Finn was Paige, while Shaungna joined Connagh and bonded with him over their mutual love for Piers Morgan's GMB rants.
  • Paige and Siânnise, however, were both concerned over the fact Finn is just 20 years old.
New bombshells Connagh and Finley each got to take two girls on a date (ITV2)
  • The boys then settled into their new digs and got to know the other Islanders.
  • Connor and Sophie had a chat to discuss their mini fight in the morning and Sophie assured Connor she was only messing and joking around with the girls, telling him she didn't feel his reaction was warranted.
  • In an awkward turn of events, Connor pulled Connagh ("gh") for a chat to discuss his intentions with Sophie.
  • Connagh tried to diffuse the situation by saying he's attracted to Rochelle Humes' sister, but he's getting to know everyone and wouldn't go behind anyone's back. We. Shall. See.
  • Skip forward to the evening and the boys' dressing room looks like the local Spoons on a Friday night - with more chinos and tight tees than you can shake a stick at.
  • During a cheeky game of beer pong, we learnt that Finley has a foot fetish and Connagh would like to have a threesome with Siânnise and Sophie.
  • Just when we thought things were safe, the text announcing the first dumping came through.
  • And that's the tea.
That was an interesting game of beer pong! (ITV2)

Who is coupled up with who?

  • Mike and Jess
  • Callum and Eve
  • Connor and Sophie
  • Nas and Siânnise
  • Paige is single
  • Shaugna is single
  • Leanne is single
  • Connagh is single
  • Finley is single

How long is Love Island on for?

While ITV2 has yet to confirm the finale date, they have stated the show will run for around 6 weeks, like its summer version.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.