What happens to Belle in Emmerdale? Viewers predict chilling Tom King twist after exit fail

Tom King in Emmerdale
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers are convinced that Tom King remembers everything after being electrocuted in a shock twist.

As fans know, Tom has been abusing wife Belle since they got together and she has lost her spark after being isolated and manipulated by her partner.

Tom had put pressure on her to start a family and after she fell pregnant he was over the moon however Belle wasn’t so excited as she felt she couldn’t raise a baby in her current abusive environment.

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Last week, Belle made a difficult decision to terminate her pregnancy but told Tom that she had a miscarriage. During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap, things took a dramatic turn. Belle decided to confess to her mental health care coordinator Rachel, that she told Tom she had a miscarriage instead of an abortion.


Rachel started to get suspicious about Belle and Tom's relationship after finding out that he put cameras inside and outside the house to keep an eye on Belle’s every move. Belle started to panic, so Rachel encouraged her to take a break so Belle quickly made arrangements to go to Scotland and see sister Debbie Dingle.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village, Tom was up at the farm doing some work but was left raging after Noah accidentally let slip that Belle was in town for an appointment instead of walking Piper.

Tom later found out that Belle went to the abortion clinic. He was unable to contain his rage so he started smashing things in the barn - however things took a turn when he accidentally hit against the barn's rotary isolator and electrocuted himself.

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At first it appeared that Tom was dead but Paddy helped him just in time. Belle decided to head home to pick up Piper but she was met by Rhona, who revealed that Tom had been electrocuted and they had to head to hospital.

Belle rushed straight to the hospital and when Tom woke up he claimed that he couldn’t remember anything. Viewers watching at home are convinced Tom remembers everything and have insisted that Belle needs to leave the village.

@TraceyK77738153 Tweeted: “OMG, I dread to think about what is going to happen next now Tom knows about the abortion @emmerdale #emmerdale.”

@Darryl__Jason wrote: “Predictable that Tom is gonna pretend he doesn’t know anything about Belle aborting their baby. Saw that coming straight away. #emmerdale.”

@Malay77 commented: “I think Tom is pretending not to know about the abortion. Belle is in serious danger #Emmerdale.” @suzie_wong_86 said: “Tom knows Belle is lying, remember the dropped parking ticket. I can’t wait for next week, shame he doesn’t get what he deserves from Cain #emmerdale.”

While @blue_laur11 added: “I’m sorry but I was disappointed Belle knows what Tom is doing to her is wrong and she had the chance to get away from him oh no she had to go back to Piper if she had taken the dog in the beginning she’d be on her way to Scotland !! Ridiculous #Emmerdale.”

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