What happens if the Queen dies before Prince Philip?

Danielle Stacey
·Royal Correspondent
The Queen and Philip at Ascot last year (Getty)
The Queen and Philip at Ascot last year (Getty)

The Queen became the longest reigning monarch in 2015 and this year marked her 66th year on the throne.

It’s hard to imagine a world without her and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who retired from public engagements last year.

Her Majesty celebrated her 92nd birthday this year and is said to be in remarkably good health – but what happens if Prince Philip, 97, outlives his wife?

Well, according to historian and owner of the blog Royal Musings, Marlene Koeing, who spoke to Royal Central, she said that Philip’s rank would not change.

She explained Prince Charles is the heir to the throne and he will have to make a choice, if his father will be before Prince William.

She also added that Philip would not become the King Father, “he would not be titled the King Father, as he is not king.”

This is unlike Queen Elizabeth, who became the Queen Mother after the death of her husband King George VI in 1952, as she already held the ‘Queen’ title.

She was always referred to as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter, The Queen.


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