Quiz! Can you match the movie to the sport it's about?

Quiz! Can you match the movie to the sport it's about?

Can you believe it's been 25 years since Happy Gilmore hit the big screen?

The big-hearted sports comedy starred Adam Sandler as a former ice hockey player who pivoted to playing golf in the hope of saving his grandmother's house with his tournament winnings.

Happy Gilmore was known for his crazy golf swing, and Sandler has been celebrating the film's 25th anniversary by showing off his skills on the green once more.

Sports and film often make the perfect team for cinematic success, with tales of triumph against the odds, bitter rivalries, and ambitious characters.

Whether it's a biopic, a fictional tale, or even a spoof, some of our favourite films feature sporting storylines.

How well do you know your sports films? See how many of these box office hits you can match to the sport they featured in our Happy Gilmore 25th anniversary quiz.

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