'Happy-go-lucky' grandad makes final journey in Only Fools and Horses yellow hearse

Much-loved David George Taylor had a unique send off on Friday
-Credit: (Image: David Knowles Funeral Service)

A 'happy-go-lucky' grandad was given a unique send-off in a Trotter’s yellow hearse.

David Taylor, who lived in Marton, passed away on June 20 following a long illness. The 72-year-old dad-of-three suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but still managed to be positive.

His son and carer, Glen Taylor, said he'd watch Only Fools and Horses to keep his spirits up. He said: "He had a very positive outlook on everything. He was a family man and his grandkids were one of the most important things in his life.

"My dad was happy-go-lucky. He liked cycling and travelling but he got to a point where he wasn't able to do that. When he was poorly the thing that really helped him and kept his spirits up and his sense of humour going was watching Only Fools and Horses."

Glenn, of Acklam, said David Knowles Funeral Service first told him about the Only Fools and Horses hearse and even contacted the company and helped arrange it. The grandad-of-eight's funeral was held on Friday, June 28 and his coffin could be seen making its final journey towed by a perfect replica of Del Boy's three-wheel van.

Video: David Knowles Funeral Service

Mr Taylor's family said the former Torrington's fitter and turner would have thought the Only Fools and Horses hearse was hilarious.

Glen, 45, said: "It drove from Eaglescliffe right through Yarm so plenty of people saw it. He'd have laughed his head off and would have thought it was hilarious. My dad always said 'you never see a hearse with a trailer on so if you've got it spend it' and obviously we put him in a hearse that was a trailer. He'd have loved it.

"It was something to put a smile of people's faces and lighten the mood and I think it definitely did that." The family thanked David Knowles Funeral Service for their help.

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