Harry Potter star Jessie Cave shares latest on her newborn baby’s Covid battle

April Roach
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 (ITV Lorraine)
(ITV Lorraine)

Harry Potter star Jessie Cave has spoken about the “bizarre lottery” of coronavirus as she shared the latest on her son’s recovery from the disease.

The actress, best known for playing Lavender Brown in the blockbuster film adaptations, and partner Alfie Brown welcomed baby Tenn in October after a “traumatic” delivery that left him in the neonatal unit. After leaving the hospital, baby Tenn then later tested positive for Covid-19.

Appearing on ITV’s Lorriane on Tuesday, Cave said she and her baby were doing “much better”.

“It’s the most contagious thing. I was completely symptomless so it’s bizarre,” said Cave.

“He was completely fine, almost two weeks later, he suddenly turned. With newborns, you have to be so hyper aware of every single symptom.”

Within a day of noticing changes in Tenn’s behaviour, Cave decided to take her newborn into A&E.

The actress said it was like Tenn was a “different baby” as he was not feeding as much and his cry was different.

She said: “Everyone has to be so aware of a quick change because it could have been very different if I hadn’t gone in.

“Everyone is so scared right now, understandably. For children, it’s not as overwhelming for adults. You have to be so quick to go in and don’t be scared of going in. Don’t wait basically, go.”

Cave said the stress of her 11-weeks-old baby testing positive Covid-19 had affected her breastfeeding as her milk dried up and she had to switch to formula.

“Nothing has gone to plan which I guess everyone can relate to this year but it was scary stuff. He was in the neo-natal unit after a quick labour,” said the Harry Potter star.

“Our lives have completely changed. Just two nights can affect your life.”

Speaking about Tenn’s recovery at home, she added: “He’s OK, he’s doing much better now. It’s bizarre how it didn’t affect me but it’s completely affected him. It’s a lottery really.”

Cave and her comedian partner Brown, are already parents to Donnie, five, and Margot, three.

They had originally named their baby boy Abraham “Bam” Benjamin but announced in December they had changed his name to Tenn.

Cave is now quarantining apart from her partner.

She said: “My brother is an A&E doctor and my dad runs a vaccination hub and listening to them, it’s amazing how worse it is this time.

“I think we’ve all got relaxed in a way because we’re so used to lockdown. It’s a new chapter for me.

“I have so much respect for how dangerous it is, not that I didn’t before, but when it happens to you, it becomes so real and scary. People said to me, I didn’t think babies can get it, it absolutely can affect anyone.”

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