Harry Styles fans jump to his defence after star is called out for leaving 'small tip' on $70 meal

Harry Styles   (PA Wire)
Harry Styles (PA Wire)

Harry Styles' supporters rushed to his defence when an old receipt from 2015 resurfaced on TikTok.

A viral clip on the platform showed a receipt alongside a photo of Styles and the owner, seemingly displayed at the restaurant.

In the short clip, users could see that the nine-year-old bill amounted to $72.50, with Styles leaving a $5 tip.

The post has since racked up over a million views and hundreds more comments from diehard fans who jumped to his defence when some called out how little he had tipped.

One user penned under the video: “He definitely didn’t understand the tipping culture cos bro is from BRITAIN calm down yall.”

“Plus it says server: cashier and guests: 1 so he could’ve been doing takeout and you don’t get served when doing takeout,” another wrote.

A third shared in agreement: “Yeah, I don’t leave a tip when it's pickup/takeout. he did more than me.”

"Tips aren’t mandatory babes. Hope this helps," another fan posted.

Meanwhile, another user recalled how the star had previously left a $2020 tip for a server in their comment: “That’s the man who left a 2020 tip just cause it was New Year's”.

Back in 2020, the As It Was hitmaker rang in New Year in Anguilla with pals James Corden and Adele when he stunned a restaurant employee with the generous gratuity.

At the time, the employee took to Instagram to share a photo of the bill with a $2020 tip, writing: “Big ups to @harrystyles for taking care of Mr Big Life!

“Happy new year! @donniewahlberg you got the second worldwide response from Harry Styles all the way from St Thomas Virgin Islands with @j_corden and @adele.”

The now viral post comes days after a woman accused of stalking Styles has been remanded in custody for allegedly causing serious alarm and distress to the pop star.

Myra Carvalho, 35, is accused of harassing the former One Direction singer in an alleged incident on Monday this week in north London.

She appeared at Highbury Corner magistrates court on Tuesday, and was sent for trial at Harrow crown court with a hearing set for next month.