Harry Styles' face when asked if new song Two Ghosts is about Taylor Swift is priceless

Mary Gallagher

The struggle is real for Harry Styles.

Just last week, the One Direction star revealed that his latest track ‘Sweet Creature’ refers to a specific person and he left fans dying to know whether it was Taylor Swift.

Harry Styles batted away questions about Taylor Swift on BBC Radio One with Nick Grimshaw (BBC)
Harry Styles batted away questions about Taylor Swift on BBC Radio One with Nick Grimshaw (BBC)

He refused to dish who inspired him but it hasn’t stopped speculation that surely one of the songs off his forthcoming album is about the American pop babe.

He knows that he’ll be asked about it A LOT on his press tour, but when he entered the BBC Radio 1 studio for an interview with his pal Nick Grimshaw today he undoubtedly thought he was in a Taylor-free safe zone.

Didn’t anyone ever tell Harry never to mix business with pleasure? Not one to let his listeners, or the One Direction army down, Nick charged in with the question that everyone wants the answer to.

The 23-year-old hunk pulled a series of awkard faces and squirmed when Nick said: “This has been on the actual news, ‘apparently Harry Styles has written a song about Taylor Swift’. I’m doing you a favour here. So is it?”

But Harry says: “Weird favour” before adding “I think it’s pretty self explanatory, I think it is!”

He then looks through the studio glass windows at his pal and says: “Help me Jeffrey!”

Harry didn’t give us the answer, but he made up an on the spot excuse, saying: “I think it’s about, sometimes things change and you can do all the same things, and sometimes things are different.”

Harry signed off: “2017 philosopher, London.”

Nick then played ‘Two Ghosts’, introducing it as “the one about Taylor Swift”, and Harry let out a defiant scream of “noooooo!!”.

Nick got you good and proper, Harry!


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