Katie Price's son Harvey to present his own TV show about trains

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Katie Price's son Harvey has been offered his own BBC series about trainspotting. (BBC)

Katie Price’s son Harvey is to present his very own TV series about trains.

The 19-year-old’s trainspotting hobby was revealed in BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey & Me and as a result the BBC have offered him the chance to front his very own series, visiting famous railways around the UK.

Price told Community Living magazine: "On the back of it, the BBC have offered Harvey and his friend Zack an eight-part series on trains and automobiles.

"There will be some gorgeous trains like the Bluebell Railway.

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"I am not interested in bloody trains. Me and Jeanette [Zack’s mother] will be sitting there having our tea and sandwiches saying, ‘What are we bloody doing here on a train station?’ But, as long as they are happy, that’s what matters.”

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The Bluebell Railway is a steam railway in Sussex, one or several preserved heritage lines around the country.

Harvey - who has Prader-Willi syndrome, partial blindness and severe autism - will also share further insight into his life in a follow-up instalment of Harvey & Me.

Katie Price took Harvey to a local station to photograph trains in the BBC film. (BBC)
Katie Price took Harvey to a local station to photograph trains in the BBC documentary. (BBC)

Price revealed: "The BBC loved it so much. They actually didn’t realise how well it would do. So we are going to do a part two with him doing the train announcements, getting ready for college, his first day at college, all of that. And also the ins and outs about the funding."

In the documentary, which aired in January this year, Harvey was shown taking pictures of locomotives and impersonating a train announcer when he visited a station.

As a result Network Rail has offered to make his dream come true by acting as a station announcement maker for a day.

Katie Price charted her search for a full-time residential college for 18-year-old Harvey in BBC documentary 'Harvey and Me'. (BBC)
Katie Price charted her search for a full-time residential college for Harvey in BBC documentary Harvey and Me. (BBC)

Mother-of-five Price won praise for her devotion to Harvey following the film, while footballer Dwight Yorke came under fire from viewers for abandoning his disabled son.

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Retired footballer Yorke, 49, fathered Harvey during a brief relationship with Price but initially denied he was his father and demanded a paternity test.

The documentary charted Price and Harvey’s search for a full-time residential college for him to attend.

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