Katie Price's son Harvey offered dream come true by Network Rail

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Katie Price: Harvey & Me (Minnow Films)

Katie Price’s son Harvey has been offered the chance to make his dream of making railway station announcements come true.

The 18-year-old’s love of trains was revealed in BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey & Me, which aired on Monday, and showed Harvey impersonating a train announcer.

A spokesperson for train company Network Rail has now told Metro: “We would be happy to arrange for Harvey to make an announcement at one of the Network Rail managed stations when it is safe to do so.”

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The documentary showed Price, 42, and eldest son Harvey – who has Prader-Willi syndrome, partial blindness and severe autism – visiting a local station to take photographs of trains.

Watch: Katie Price and Harvey in their BBC documentary

In the same scene Harvey imitated the train announcements, saying: “May I have your attention please? This train is formed of 12 coaches. Platform four for the 11.34 South Western Railway service to Guildford.”

Mother-of-five Price won praise for her devotion to Harvey following the film, while footballer Dwight Yorke came under fire from viewers for abandoning his disabled son.

Retired footballer Yorke, 49, fathered Harvey during a brief relationship with Price but initially denied he was his father and demanded a paternity test.

Katie Price took Harvey to a local station to photograph trains in the BBC film. (BBC)
Katie Price took Harvey to a local station to photograph trains in the film. (BBC)

The documentary charted Price and Harvey’s search for a full-time residential college for him to attend.

Price admitted it was hard to let go of her eldest son, who had been so dependent on her for 18 years.

She said: "As much as you smother your kids and you want them with you all the time, sometimes you have to let them go, just give them that bit of space to go and explore."

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She added: "The reason I want him to go full-time residential is because some weekends they might have disco nights or bowling and he might want to go and do that and not just come home to me.

“It gives him a choice."

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