Has Sam Smith Got Some ‘Dirty’ New Music On The Way?

Where exactly has Sam Smith been? After a whopping nine months out of the limelight, we’d near-enough forgotten all about him.

However, according to The Sun. Stevenage’s finest has actually been pretty busy for the past few months – penning some tracks for his upcoming album.

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The Sun reported today that the singer – who achieved global success with his 2014 album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ – has laid down three new songs with producer Anthony Francis White as co-writer.

It also seems that at least one of them is a little bit 'naughty’ – which marks a bit of a change in direction for our Sam, and his general 'mum-friendly’ vibes.

They’re called 'I Want What You Have’, 'I Want You Dirty’ and 'Give A’.

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Sam’s been on a break since winning the Oscar for Best Song last February. At the time of winning he gave a few reasons as to why he was taking the time out:

“I’m trying to live as well a little bit, and I think next month I’m going to force myself to just stay at home and see my mum and dad and my sisters.

"I feel like I’ve missed out on their lives a bit the last few years, so that’s my plan.

“I haven’t got a plan to release anything as of yet, and I don’t think I want to release anything for a bit.

“I just want the music to be right, so at the moment I’m just trying to get back to a comfortable place.”

Well we can’t flippin’ wait for it, Sam – so hurry up!