Has The Large Hadron Collider Just Created A ‘Black Hole’?

Spoiler: probably not


Conspiracy theorists feared that when the Large Hadron Collider switched on, it would produce an enormous black hole, sucking us all into it.

Obviously, that didn’t happen - and scientists have repeatedly stated that it won’t ever happen - but that hasn’t stopped YouTubers stirring the pot.

This time, the ‘evidence’ is a black mark seen on diagrams released by CERN by YouTuber BPEarthwatch, who asks, ‘Was a portal to another universe opened?’

The answer is no. Any ‘micro black holes’ produced would be tiny, and decay rapidly, CERN says - and would be announced officially by CERN, rather than 'found' as a blotch on a diagram.

So far, the LHC has not produced any microscopic black holes that many expected, according to a University of Alabama research paper last year.

UFO Sightings Daily says, ‘Try to imagine the Earth sucked through a hole the size of a straw. Thats a mini black hole.  

‘You ever see a child playing with a priceless Ming vase? The child is CERN, and the vase...is Earth.’