Has The Large Hadron Collider Just Created A ‘Black Hole’?

Rob Waugh

Conspiracy theorists feared that when the Large Hadron Collider switched on, it would produce an enormous black hole, sucking us all into it.

Obviously, that didn’t happen - and scientists have repeatedly stated that it won’t ever happen - but that hasn’t stopped YouTubers stirring the pot.

This time, the ‘evidence’ is a black mark seen on diagrams released by CERN by YouTuber BPEarthwatch, who asks, ‘Was a portal to another universe opened?’

The answer is no. Any ‘micro black holes’ produced would be tiny, and decay rapidly, CERN says - and would be announced officially by CERN, rather than 'found' as a blotch on a diagram.

So far, the LHC has not produced any microscopic black holes that many expected, according to a University of Alabama research paper last year.

UFO Sightings Daily says, ‘Try to imagine the Earth sucked through a hole the size of a straw. Thats a mini black hole.  

‘You ever see a child playing with a priceless Ming vase? The child is CERN, and the vase...is Earth.’