Has Will Young Snubbed The Strictly Grand Final?

Former Strictly star Will Young has reportedly refused to attend the Strictly finale – after he quit the show earlier this year citing ‘personal reasons’.

He’ll be the only one from this year’s show not taking part – with the final episode seeing a dance from every eliminated contestant in that year’s series.

Although Will had quit the show, bosses at the hit BBC1 series still invited him.

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The 'Evergreen’ singer’s absence means that the final will be a day early this year – on December 17th – meaning that all the action will take place on the one night. Not only that, there’ll just be three finalists this year, as opposed to four.

Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the show said:“He was asked to be part of the group dance… it’s a great routine which welcomes back this year’s Class of 2016. He politely declined.”

Well, at least he was polite about it, eh?

Rumours were flying all over the place about the reasons he quit the show - from falling out with his dance partner to arguing with judge Len Goodman, who had told him to “Turn up, keep up and shut up” in a blistering critique.

That week, Will left the show.

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However, as far as the judges are concerned, it’s nothing to do with Len – with the man himself telling the Daily Mail: “I chatted to him afterwards and said, ‘I was only larking about, Will’, and he said, ‘I know that.’

“Then, suddenly, he’s not doing Strictly anymore. I thought, ‘Oh, Christ, I do hope it’s not because of me.”

“They said that definitely, 100 per cent it was nothing to do with me. It was just a coincidence. If it had been to do with me I’d be mortified.”

Fellow judge Darcy Bussell also said: “It’s sad. Unfortunately being a judge we are not allowed to see the rehearsals or what happened during the week so you don’t know the ins and outs and you only arrive on the day of the live show.”

“It’s horrifying to think that somebody who could have easily got to the final [has left]. But you know, like in anybody’s lives, you have many things that are going on and it is not to do with Len Goodman - just to make that clear.”

Whatever the reason, Will clearly harbours no ill-feelings to those still on the show – last week he tweeted 'love and luck’ to the remaining contestants.

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