In pictures: UK heatwave continues ahead of 'hottest day of the year'

Brits are making the most of the June heatwave by basking in the sunshine – as temperatures are set to climb into the mid-30s.

Thursday could see the hottest day of the year recorded as the mercury climbs towards the 34 degrees mark in the south of the UK.

However, the record for the hottest June day ever looks set to remain in tact, as temperatures will not quite reach the 35.6c seen in 1976.

The hottest day of the year so far was 28.9 degrees, which was recorded in Scotland’s border region in May.

Temperatures on Tuesday reached the high 20s, sending sun worshippers to Britain’s beaches as a welcome respite from the coronavirus lockdown.

However, with the dry and sunny weather expected and the government's COVID-19 alert level lowered to 3, emergency services across the country are urging people to continue to respect the two-metre social-distancing restriction.