Here's the trailer for Abyss X Zero, a 3D metroidvania that goes full anime

 Abyss X Zero.
Abyss X Zero.

A new trailer for action game Abyss X Zero shows off a bunch of battles and bits of character in the world of the upcoming action-exploration-adventure. In it, a range of weapons from guns and swords to giant hammers and scythes with two ends on them smash through robotic, human, and zombified human foes.

There's a lot of emphasis in the trailer on huge, dangerous boss encounters. That's probably going to be vital, since Abyss X Zero wants to build on a kind of open-world action formula pioneered by games like Metroid Prime and Zelda with what's clearly a side-trip through Shadow of the Colossus. There are minibosses and big nasties in the trailer, sure, but some of the huge bosses in this trailer clearly require a hands-on, climb up there and smash approach.

We got a good first look at Abyss X Zero about three months ago, where we figured it looked a bit like Zelda and a bit like Kill la Kill. The new trailer confirms that it's—visually, at least—very truly a lot like Kill la Kill. The whole pitch is that your two main characters (Codename A and Codename Z) are warriors "fated to battle each other."

Indeed, it's clear that Abyss X Zero delivers the kind of world that many anime fans want: One where the coolest warriors are all cute women backed up by armies of faceless dudes and/or robots. It definitely has the aesthetics for it: Bodysuit x TechnoSwords. Business suit x Katana. Sailor Uniform x Gun.

Developers Studio Pixel Punk previously made the stylish scrolling battler Unsighted, which PC Gamer's Jody MacGregor called "a game of agonizing choices" because it so often forced you to choose which NPCs would live and which would die.

You can find Abyss X Zero on Steam.