Here's why fans think 'Inside Out 2' is going to be gay AF

Inside Out 2
Inside Out 2

The long-awaited sequel to Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out isn’t hitting theaters until this summer, but the official trailer dropped this week…and it’s looking a little gay.

The animated film is set to follow Riley (Kensington Tallman) as she becomes a teenager and gets a new influx of emotions to learn how to manage. They’re led by Anxiety (Maya Hawke), who immediately butts heads with the familiar emotions from the original movie as the old vs the new insist their way is the best way to guide Riley through her day-to-day life.

From the trailer, it seems as though a lot of Riley’s journey involves playing hockey and trying to make new friends ahead of going off to high school, including Val (Lilimar).

Val’s appearance quickly caused a stir on Twitter, as the way the trailer portrayed Riley’s reactions to her definitely resonated with the sapphic experience, leading many to wonder if Inside Out 2 is going to step up and make Riley canonically queer with a little crush.

Of course, the mere suggestion or hope that Riley could have a crush on a girl immediately brought out the long-suffering heteros who get upset at the slightest insinuation of queerness, pointing to the guy Riley briefly bumps into at the end of the first movie and lamenting that girls should be allowed to just be friends (with other girls—never with guys though, that’s romantic, obviously).

Other fans are picking up what the trailer was putting down but just don’t trust Disney to follow through. And that’s understandable, considering all the times movies throughout its various companies and franchises have done the bare minimum while anything of substance was left on the cutting room floor.

With Disney’s history of tossing crumbs and acting like we ate, it’s probably best not to get our hopes up that Riley’s confirmed as fam with anything more than a wink and a nod. But we’ll find out for sure by the time Inside Out 2 is released on June 14.