Herschel Walker and Ted Cruz Rally Supporters in Georgia For Runoff Election

Republican US Senate candidate Herschel Walker rallied supporters in Canton, Georgia, on Thursday, November 10, kicking off his runoff election campaign.

In a campaign video made up of footage from the event, Walker tells a crowd “if we sit on the sidelines, we will not recognise this country again”.

The rally marked the start of the second leg of Walker’s senatorial election campaign. Senator Ted Cruz travelled from Texas and joined Walker at the event, local news outlet Atlanta News First reported.

Georgia’s runoff election for senator between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock will be held on December 6 after neither candidate cleared the 50 per cent threshold needed to win outright. Early voting starts on November 28. Credit: Herschel Walker via Storyful

Video transcript


HERSCHEL WALKER: Hey, hey, the gas prices are going up. Hey, your grocery bill going up. And your utility bill going up. Well, you know who's the cause of that.


It's not just Joe Biden, but it's Senator Warnock, as well. They say that I don't need this. They say I don't need this. That's not the truth. I do need this. Because I'm not going to let my family hurt. And all of you are my family. So I'm going to protect my family. Because if you watched what he was saying, we're going to go in a runoff.

And if he want to go in a runoff with me-- you know what I'm saying-- you bring it, homes. You bring it. Because I was built for this. This is what I was built for. I can promise you this. I'm not going to Washington to make friends. I'm going to Washington to do my job. That's what he should have done. They want to change everything about this country. They want to change it.

And I say, right now, we've got the B team in. It is time to put the A team in. December 6, we got to get out and vote. Because if we sit on the sideline, we will not recognize this country again. And I want to tell him right now. Don't let that door hit you in the backside as you leave the people's office.