'He's no trouble': Rebecca Humphries shares cat photo and likes scathing Katya tweet


Seann Walsh’s ex Rebecca Humphries has given a quietly classy response to a poor-taste joke about their split by showing off the cat she famously took with her.

When Strictly Come Dancing eliminated controversial couple Seann and Katya Jones in Halloween week, viewers were shocked to hear him make a quip about his cheating scandal, which Katya then followed up by making a similar joke on Twitter.

But actress Rebecca, who has remained fairly quiet on the subject of her ex kissing his Strictly partner while she sat at home alone on her birthday aside from an infamous open letter to Seann, has now shared a first photo of the cat that she kept when they split.

Supportive comments included: “He’s much better looking.”

Someone else added: “Taking Winston was the best decision as he’s such a cutie.”

Anyone who’s been following the saga of Seann drunkenly kissing Katya, who’s married to fellow Strictly professional Neil Jones, and the subsequent fall out will know that the cat refers to the last line of Rebecca’s open letter about her ex’s bad behaviour.

As Seann was booted out of Strictly on Sunday (October 28) after losing the dance off, he laughed: “This has been without a doubt the best experience of my life, probably bar the last few weeks.”

Katya caused outrage when she later tweeted comedian Seann to make a joke about their cheating being good material for his stand-up show.

When one person commented on the tweet “Stay classy, Katya,” amongst those who liked the sarcastic comment was Rebecca.

Since her open letter immediately following the kissing story hitting the headlines, Rebecca’s only other comment has been an Instagram post of a Beyonce track about infidelity with the caption #takenouthetrash #andtookthecat.

Seann and Katya were beaten by Graeme Swann and Oti Mabuse in the dance off, after a wooden Viennese Waltz that was panned by the judges.

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