Hezbollah fires rockets at military base in Israel, says four fighters killed

Hezbollah said it fired "dozens" of rockets Thursday at a military base in northern Israel in retaliation for Israeli strikes on Lebanon, announcing four of its fighters had been killed.

Fears of all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah have risen in recent weeks as threats have intensified between the sides, which have traded regular cross-border fire since Hamas's October 7 attack on Israel sparked war in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas ally Hezbollah said that "in response to the enemy attacks that targeted the city of Nabatiyeh and village of Sohmor", its fighters bombed "the main air and missile defence base of the (Israeli) northern area command... with dozens of Katyusha rockets".

It said in separate statements that four of its fighters, one from eastern Lebanon's Sohmor, had been killed, and claimed two other attacks on Israeli troops and positions, including one with drones.

The Israeli military said in a statement that "approximately 35 launches were identified crossing from Lebanon".

Air defences "successfully intercepted most of the launches. No injuries were reported," it added.

It said air strikes "eliminated" three Hezbollah operatives, one in the Sohmor area and two in the country's south.

The military also said that "two UAVs (drones) that were identified crossing from Lebanon fell" in northern Israel, reporting no injuries.

Fears have grown the Gaza war could become a regional conflagration if the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, which so far has been largely limited to the border area, expands.

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