Hia luv: Charity sends Steph McGovern comedy email in Middlesbrough slang

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Middlesbrough-born TV presenter Steph McGovern has shared a pitch sent to her by a charity which included two versions of the same email, one of which was written in slang from her home town.

Teesside Dementia Link Services sent the BBC Breakfast host a “BBC version” of their request for fundraising help and another entitled “Middlesbrough version”.

While the BBC version begins “Dear Miss McGovern”, the Middlesbrough one starts “Hia luv.”

“Hope your ok pet, we need to borra ya for some stuff we would like ya tu elp us with,” it reads. “I am like a volunteer like for a charity like, that looks after old people yu know the ones that cant remember out.

“Any way like we saw that woman from larn of duty doin a thing about singin like, and weev got no one posh to tell gadgies about us like.

“So u sometames talk posh so ja fancy given us a and like.”

The BBC version is signed off with “very best wishes” from Mark Walker, while the Middlesbrough write up signs off with a “see ya” from “Fat Mark”.

McGovern shared the two emails to Twitter, where she said it made her and her mother “laugh out loud”, adding that she is “obviously” going to help the charity.

“Who wouldn’t when there’s an offer of duty free from Reg and a stay at Karen’s house,” tweeted McGovern, referencing what the charity offers in return for her help in the Middlesbrough-style letter.

The charity, which helps people with dementia and their carers in Teesside, has met with a warm response on Twitter, where the emails have been shared hundreds of times.

“Absolutely mint…hope that bairn is nae bother mind,” wrote Twitter user @Lyn2301.

The charity replied: “swig of calpoll she’l be mint”.

Another user @BobsterDrumhead described the charity pitch as “Spat my tea out funny”.

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