'Highly invasive' plant that is 'more dangerous' than Japanese knotweed could devalue homes

Vibrant purple buddleia or butterfly bush flower with a feeding  Monarch Butterfly.
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The UK's gardens are harbouring a hidden menace, with many homeowners unaware of the invasive plants lurking in their flowerbeds.

While Japanese knotweed is widely recognised for its destructive capabilities, experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have identified another plant that could be causing chaos in British homes and gardens.

The buddleia shrub, also known as the butterfly bush, is a seemingly innocent plant that might be "more dangerous" than the notorious Japanese knotweed.

According to the gardening gurus, buddleia can spread its seeds rapidly and germinate in places where they're not wanted, such as roofs, walls, and windowsills.

Its robust roots are capable of penetrating buildings and foundations, potentially inflicting "costly damage" to properties, reports the Express.

Experts are raising the alarm about the impact of buddleia on property values, cautioning that its presence could drive down house prices.

Moreover, the shrub poses an environmental threat by outcompeting native flora, monopolising space, and extending its root system.

Butterfly plant.
If you do have this shrub in your garden, it is recommended to remove i -Credit:Getty

The nectar-rich bush also diverts pollinators from indigenous co-flowering species, which experts say diminishes the reproductive success and survival of other garden plants.

For those with buddleia in their gardens, the advice is clear: remove it and opt for a less invasive alternative.

Remember to treat the plant with herbicide by spraying or injecting it into the trunk which will then cause it to "wither and die".

If your butterfly bush has started causing damage to your home's structure, then it must be removed by professionals.

A spokesperson for the company said: "When it comes to avoiding plants, most gardeners and homeowners know to stay clear of the pesky Japanese Knotweed.

"Buddleia is admired by many because of its beautiful flowers and full shrub make it an attractive addition to any garden. The shrubs also attract butterflies and are loved by birds and bees.

"However buddleia, or butterfly bush, is another risky shrub to stay away from. If you already have a butterfly bush and are concerned it may be impacting your garden and home, you must treat it effectively to make sure it doesn't come back.

"If your butterfly bush has crawled up the side of your home, you will need professional help to make sure the shrub hasn't impacted the infrastructure of your home. Any structural damage can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to repair.

"If the shrub is further away from your home, one way to prevent it from spreading and germinating is to prune the flowers before they are able to seed."