Hilaria Baldwin leans over son's stroller to breastfeed in new Instagram: 'Drive-in dining'

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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin has six children together, including two infants. (Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)
Alec and Hilaria Baldwin has six children together, including two infants. (Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)

This week actress Billie Lourd shared the challenges of nursing her 9-month-old son. But mom of six Hilaria Baldwin may have her beat.

In her latest Instagram, the wife of Alec Baldwin is pictured leaning over infant son Eduardo's stroller, her hoodie unzipped so the 9-month-old can feed. Despite the awkward position, the 37-year-old seemed to consider it a breastfeeding victory as it kept her son strapped into his stroller. 

"Won the battle of strapping him in," she wrote. "Hungry? Nope, staying in there."

Other moms found the moment — which one commenter called "drive-in dining" — hilariously relatable, according to the responses on Instagram. 

"Definitely used to do this," read one comment, while another fan quipped, "#MomProblems."

Eduardo — who this week joined his siblings in hitting the red carpet in matching Boss Baby suits in honor of their father's latest film — was born last September, just a few months before the Baldwins welcomed daughter Maria via a gestational surrogate. 

With two infants under 1 at home, Hilaria has documented her breastfeeding experience, including sharing footage of her tandem nursing both babies at the same time. In a post shortly after Eduardo's birth, she credited coconut water and frequent pumping with helping her maintain a "good supply" of breast milk.  

Last year she told Yahoo Lifestyle that "the nicest gift my husband ever got me was two extra stand-up freezers to store my milk, ‘cause I’m like a squirrel." The yoga pro also spoke fondly of her "breastfeeding body."

"First of all, you have these amazing boobs and it burns tons of calories. You get to eat a ton. So I loved breastfeeding body," she shared "And then you stop breastfeeding, and you’re like, where did my boobs go? And yes, you know where they are? They're at my waistband."

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