Holly Willoughby accuses man of fancying the woman he's 'fat-shaming'

Chris Edwards
Holly Willoughby accuses man of fancying the woman he’s fat-shaming during a phone-in with Venessa Feltz

Holly Willoughby hit out at a man for ‘fat-shaming’ his brother’s girlfriend on This Morning today, and the presenter even suggested that he may actually fancy the woman he’s insulting.

Venessa Feltz appeared on the morning programme to host a phone-in about abusive texts, following the recent allegations that TOWIE’s James Argent told Gemma Collins that she hasmore rolls than Greggs“.

A woman named Sophie emailed the show about the abuse she’s received from her boyfriend’s brother.

Reading out the email, Willoughby said: “Sophie says: ‘My boyfriend’s brother is very critical of my weight and calls me horrible names. I’ve spoken to my boyfriend about this and told him that it upsets me. 

Vanessa Feltz on This Morning

“My boyfriend has spoken to him about it and his brother just won’t stop. What shall I do?’.”

Feltz was perplexed that she’d received criticism from her boyfriend’s brother, saying: “”That’s too many degrees of separation, isn’t it?”

“I just don’t understand that at all,” said an equally bemused Willoughby, before adding: “We don’t know if his brother might fancy her.”

Feltz suggested that the boyfriend’s brother is perhaps trying to get attention from Sophie, prompting Willoughby to explain in agreement: “That’s what I mean, sometimes you pull the pigtails of the one you love.”

Feltz added: “Does she fancy the boyfriend’s brother? Is that what she’s trying to tell us?”

“I don’t know. Sophie, get in touch – we need more details!” said Willoughby jokingly.

This comes after TOWIE’s James Argent allegedly told Gemma Collins she has “more rolls than Greggs” following their recent split.

Collins with her TOWIE boyfriend James Argent. (PA Images)

Collins reportedly broke up with Argent after he recoded her snoring and posted the video on Instagram.

According to Dan Wootton, Argent has since sent Collins a text saying: “You are a fat joke of a woman. An absolute car crash! You’re nearly 40 f***ing years old, you embarrassment.”

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