Hollyoaks’ Jeremy to be drugged by Martha as Scott goes missing

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks’ Jeremy Blake is set to be drugged and help captive by mum Martha, following Scott Drinkwell’s mysterious disappearance.

As the long-lost twin of late villain Patrick Blake, Jeremy’s arrival in the village has sparked shock and suspicion from the likes of Sienna.

He eventually won her over, but a tattoo that he was determined to hide from his niece suggests there is more to Jeremy than meets the eye.

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This week, being around Jeremy triggers traumatic flashbacks for Maxine, who was abused by Patrick for years, and she tells Scott that she is struggling with these memories.

In scenes that will air next week, Maxine decides to confront Jeremy about her fears and tells him to stay away from her.

But Jeremy continues to try to make amends for his brother’s actions, and it looks like he manages to win her round.

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Maxine tells Dilly about her change of heart, but Dilly – who has always been ‘team Jeremy’ – tells her that she found a shirt of his that is covered in blood.

Later, Jeremy is under more suspicion when Freya reveals that Scott, who is preparing to move to Spain, has gone missing, and he was last seen having a row with Jeremy.

Maxine tells Zoe and Pearl that she fears something is wrong, and when she heads to Jeremy’s shed, she can hear Scott’s phone ringing.

Jeremy is confused when Maxine tells him her theories and says he cut himself gardening, explaining the blood on his shirt. But he is unaware that back in the shed, Martha is lying in wait…

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Later, Jeremy wakes to find he has been tied up and drugged by Martha – who has form, as she also drugged Sienna a few weeks ago.

Martha explains that her return comes after she warned him to stay away from the village, and Jeremy tries to convince her that he is not the bad twin.

Meanwhile, Sienna shares her own concerns and tells Dilly she thinks Jeremy is hiding something, while she later explains her complicated family to Maxine.

Sienna is left not knowing who to believe, but who can she really trust, and will both Scott and Jeremy be okay?

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