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Batman 6-Inch Batmobile (Fall 2018; $29.99)

Peel thought the streets of Gotham City in this sleek 6-inch replica of the Dark Knight’s signature ride, and take aim at escaping Arkham Asylum baddies with a pair of weapons activated by an air-powered pump. (Photo: Mattel/Warner Bros.)

Holy action figures, Batman! Your exclusive sneak peek at the best new Bat-toys of 2018

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

We’re one year away from celebrating Batman’s 70th birthday, which raises the question: What do you get the Dark Knight fan who has everything? Mattel has your answer. The toy giant is premiering some new Batman merchandise at the 2018 Toy Fair, which runs from Feb. 17-20 in New York, and Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive first look at the new line — from Batmobile to baddies. Scroll through the gallery above to see which items you’ll want to stash in your personal Batcave.