Home Security Camera Captures Fatal Gas Explosion in Baltimore, Maryland

Two people were killed and seven others left injured in a gas explosion that tore through three row-houses in Baltimore, Maryland, on August 10, authorities confirmed.

This home security footage shows the moment the gas ignited, sending debris skyward with a plume of smoke and scattering it over surrounding properties.

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), which manages the gas infrastructure in the area, said in an August 11 statement that it had “inspected the gas main serving the dwellings on Monday and found no leaks.”

“After a thorough review of records, there have been no leaks reported to BGE at these properties within the last five years,” the company said. “The data is indicative of some type of issue beyond the BGE meter on customer-owned equipment and is currently being analyzed by investigators.” Credit: Tammy Bass via Storyful