Home Security Footage Captures Tense Face-Off Between Delivery Driver and Bear

A home surveillance camera captured the tense moment an Amazon delivery driver came face-to-face with a bear wandering around a driveway in Upland, California.

This footage recorded outside of Joshua Morgan’s home shows the driver walk through his front gate to deliver a package before spotting the bear atop a stone wall and reaching his arms out to scare it away.

Morgan is overheard announcing from the gate speaker as he watched the live Ring footage: “Hey guy, stop right now! There is a bear right there! Can you hear me? That’s a bear! Back away!”

After the confrontation, the driver cautiously walks up to the front door to deliver the package.

Speaking to Storyful, Morgan said that he often sees wildlife such as bears, coyotes, and mountain lions wander onto his Southern California property. Credit: Joshua Morgan via Storyful

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