Homeless Man Is Killed Protecting Woman From Gunman


A brave homeless man was killed after saving a woman from a gunman.

Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima, aged 61, jumped in between a crazed gunman, Luiz Antonio da Silva, and his hostage.

De Lima confronted the hostage-taker, pushing him over and allowing the woman to escape.

He was then shot seconds later by da Silva while the gunman was recovering his balance, reports the Mirror.

Arriving at the scene outside Sao Paulo Cathedral, military police opened a rain fire on the armed criminal - killing him.

The Police made the following statement: ‘Military police who were close by were informed by witnesses and on reaching the place the witnesses indicated, there was a confrontation.

’The criminal was injured and died at the scene. Military police were unharmed.’

Local media report that an investigation is currently looking into whether the bullet that killed Francisco was from the hostage-taker’s weapon or the police.

Gunman, da Silva, was believed to have recently finished a 22 year prison sentence for a series of crimes including robbery, drugs trafficking, theft and assault.

The unnamed female hostage was left unharmed.

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