Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts in hospital dash during camping trip

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Martin Roberts had to visit hospital while on holiday. (Getty)
Martin Roberts had to visit hospital while on holiday. (Getty)

Homes Under the Hammer star Martin Roberts had to make a hospital dash during his camping holiday after a problem with his foot dangerously flared up.

The auctions expert is on holiday in Dorset, but had a nightmare first day of his trip when the cellulitis he suffers from, a skin infection that causes swelling and blisters, began to spread over both feet and legs, landing him in A&E.

Roberts, 58, kept fans updated on his night in hospital by tweeting developments with his bad foot.

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He posted a photo of the problem and wrote: "Bloody cellulitis has flared up again and it’s spread to my other leg too. The chemists wouldn’t give me the antibiotics I’d been prescribed, despite seeing my leg, due to a ‘system error’ and no recognition of how serious this is. Thank you so much @LloydsPharmacy so A&E 4me."

Fans of the TV presenter urged him to seek medical help.

One person tweeted: "I hope it gets better soon! My feet ankles and legs went like that in September last year. I couldn’t get my pants or shoes on. I had no idea what was causing it until I ended up at Stepping Hill hospital with heart failure! That’s what was causing it!"

Another person wrote: "Martin please get yourself down to A&E. Cellulitis can be very serious. Nine years ago my husband was in hospital for a week with cellulitis in his arm and had to have an operation to remove the infection from an area near to the bone. Please see someone x"

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Roberts took their advice and headed to hospital, where he posted a series of videos from A&E.

He wrote: "The A & E process begins. Lovely staff. But no idea how long I’ll be. Great first night of my camping holiday."

The TV star later added: "Just to update (as a few people asked me too) I’m waiting for a blood test then probably IV antibiotics. If this happens to you, please get help ASAP x"

Martin Roberts got lots of support from concerned fans. (PA)
Martin Roberts got lots of support from concerned fans. (PA)

In the attached video, he warned that the condition could quickly turn into sepsis and that anyone suffering the same thing should go to hospital.

Luckily, things turned out well for Roberts who was finally released from hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning after a number of blood tests and some treatment.

He tweeted: "Thanks for all you tweets and kind words. It’s keeping my spirits up right now. Seriously!!"

Signing off with a video from a 24-hour McDonald's that he said he had been promising himself a visit to all night, Roberts said he was enjoying his meal at 4am, laughing: "Why not, right?"

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