Hot Water Instantly Freezes When Shot From Water Gun Into Frigid Alberta Air

Science fanatic Jason Zackowski decided to enjoy the negative temperatures in Red Deer, Alberta, on January 14, by performing an outdoor experiment using hot H2O and a water gun.

Zackowski has posted videos online of himself and his pals performing various winter science experiments, showing his followers that Canadian winters have much more to offer than just the classic activities such as skiing or snowboarding.

In this video, Zackowski’s friend shoots near-boiling water from a water gun into the air where it immediately turned to into steaming ice crystals before hitting the ground.

Zackowski explained the principle behind the video saying, “cold air cannot hold water vapor, so when water is thrown into the air, the surface area expands. Tiny particles in the air already cling to the boiling water droplets and rapidly freeze them in a beautiful and amazing show.” Credit: Jason Zackowski via Storyful